Henn na Hotel Osaka Nishi Shinsaibashi (Opened on March 14, 2019)

"Henn na Hotel Osaka Nishi Shinsaibashi" is located in the center of the American village, about 7 minutes on foot from Shinsaibashi Station and 3 minutes on foot to Shinsaibashi-bashi shopping area,
For all travelers regardless of leisure and business, we aim to stay more comfortable, more comfortable and secure.

The concept of the hotel is "refinement", "water · green", "history · culture" and "bustle · lively".
The hotel hall is organized in materials and colors reminiscent of a finer landscape using Osaka's distinctive regional characteristics.
The ceiling wall surface of the first floor imaged the former Yodo river, "Mizutaka" named after Osaka by image projection, projected the seasonal visits and the charm of Osaka,
I will produce an ambiance atmosphere.
"Henn na Hotel" will provide "comfort of stay" and "entertainment" as evolving and changing hotels.